Saturday, 9 June 2007

Vivre Cote Sud

We spent Friday in Aix-en-Provence, meeting our friend Lana and her niece Caitlin for lunch before all four of us heading off to the Vivre Cote Sud home design salon.

Maisons Cote Sud is a very cool French home design magazine. Each month it publishes a magazine dedicated to contemporary interiors and gardens of the south of France and the Mediterranean. As such, Provence is the magazine's spiritual home, and thus Cote Sud is one of the principal points of reference for many of us living down here and interested in interior and garden design. That's not to say that we're slavish devotees, just that its a major source of inspiration. So when Cote Sud announce that they are hosting a salon in Aix-en-provence, many of us make a bee-line for the event.

Last year was the first year that Lindsay and I attended the show and we were delighted to find that rather than being held in a dingy edge-of-town exhibition centre, someone had had the inspired idea of taking over one of Aix's town centre parks as the venue - the show centred on the park's square pond. It's not a big show and the quality of the exhibitors can be mixed, but some of the stuff on show at the exhibition was great and it's all done with so much style, that the show itself is an inspiration.

One of this year's innovations was the introduction of outdoor air conditioning - a system of tubes suspended above the exhibitors' stands intermittently sprays a fine mist over the passing crowd - much welcome in 30 degrees.

Another new thing was a small showroom space put together by the Cote Sud team - I love those tilting Italian shutters.

And here's Lindsay appreciating the shade of a beautiful rustic cane roof.

Finally - a couple of detail shots...

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