Sunday, 22 November 2009

Salad Days

One of my greatest surprises is the beauty to be found in polytunnels!

Infamous infrequency

Even for our infamously infrequent blog, I know that we've been remarkably inactive!

A number of things have contributed to this...

1) Sloth - hey it's winter, we're nearly hibernating!

2) We're not actually hibernating at all. In fact we're very busy, but European cross-border legal directives (Lindsay) and LP Gas association annual reports (Guy) are not really what this blog is about.

and lastly... 3) Techno-hassle (to quote Neil from The Young Ones - yes, we are that old, and no, it wasn't in black and white). I've been trying to set up automated publishing to our new Facebook page and to date have had little success. I think I may have just cracked it, though - with a FB application called NetworkedBlogs, for those who might be interested.

So hopefully this will auto-publish into Facebook and I can get blogging again. I do actually have a few things I want to post.

But don't hold your breath - see points 1 and 2, above.