Monday, 14 January 2008

Winter Sunshine

It's raining again, today. It's been wetter than usual, lately. Not so wet that I haven't been able to go out for a bike ride on most days, but wetter than we're used to down here. The locals are all starting to make noises about how terrible the weather is, but all that we can say is that obviously they've never lived in Glasgow!

The weekend, however, was a very different matter. The sun split the sky. On Saturday we had a rare opportunity to go into Arles for its fabulous market - where it's the height of the Corsican clementine season. (I say a rare opportunity as Saturdays in the Spring/Summer/Autumn are usually given over to the departure and arrival of our gîte guests and the cleaning of the gîtes in the intervening hours.)

On Sunday we went walking in the Montagnette with John and Ruth. (If you read my last post, it looks like walking with John and Ruth is a regular event. But my last shots, from the lake at St-Remy, were actually taken in November. John and Ruth seem to be emerging as our 'outdoor friends' though, as we are also about to go skiing with them next week.)

The Montagnette is a range of low hills about 5km to the west between us and the River Rhone. At the centre of these hills lies the Abbey of St Michel de Frigolet. The hills are laced with walking tracks and on a clear winter's day like yesterday (it's never this clear in the summer heat haze) you can see as far as the Alps in the North and East, the Cevennes and Pic St Loup above Montpellier in the West and you can just make out the shimmer of the Mediterranean on the horizon in the South.

This (above) is the Abbey of St Michel de Frigolet, looking South-East, with the Alpilles hills that run behind St-Remy-de-Provence in the background.

And this is the Abbey looking Nort-East, with a snow-capped Mont Ventoux standing proudly behind.

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  1. So glad you're back. Loved the pic of Arles market, and the sunshine.