Friday, 11 January 2008

So why the big paws?

... as the barman said to the bear.

But it has been a long time since I blogged, I confess.

Last September, 2007 turned from busy to hectic and for a variety of personal reasons, there was never any time for blogging. But I'm back now, and back on line.

And more significantly, Lindsay's back from working in Brussels, so I hope that she might find time to add to our blog as well. Here are a few pictures of Lindsay that I took last year. The first 2 I took in Montpellier, last August. (If you look again, you might be able to tell that Lindsay was feeling ill as the lunch that we'd just eaten was in the process of giving her botulism!) The third was taken in Paris at the end of November. You don't have to look that carefully to tell that it was cold!

We're just back from a flying tour of England and Scotland over Christmas / New Year and are settling back into life at the Mas des Grand' Terres. Provence has been looking distinctly soggy for the last few days, with a rare period of rain. It can keep it up for a few weeks yet as it's great for the new beds that I've planted in the garden. Plus rain down here means snow up in the mountains and we're due to go skiing in 10 days time. So, let it snow!

I did keep snapping through the latter months of 2007 and so have a back-log of images to share. To get things rolling, here are 4 images from a walk that Lindsay and I took recently with our friends John and Ruth in the Alpilles hills just behind St-Remy-de-Provence. I trust that they demonstrate that Provence is beautiful throughout the year. And once the hot weather and bus-loads have disappeared, there are compensations to be had with beautiful (and sometimes exilerating) walks in the hills.

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  1. Great photos Guy and I'll bet you're glad to have Lindsay back as I am that you've resumed the blog!!

    I promise fewer buns