Friday, 12 September 2008


Having recommended canoeing under the Pont du Gard to almost all of our guests for years, we decided that we should give it a go ourselves this summer. And it proved to be a great recommendation. It's an 8km journey down river, ending just after the Pont du Gard. The view as you approch the aquaduct is extraordinary.

We went on a very hot day and mixed canoeing with lots of dips in the river, which was blissfully refreshing. We went back about two weeks later and hiked down to the river and I couldn't resist another dip.

However in the intervening two weeks the temperature seemed to have dropped by about 10 degrees. I still made it in. I can't say it was a pleasure. Guy stayed on the edge with his feet in the water and swears they went blue.

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  1. OOOH it looks cold! You're very brave. The bridge looks lovely, (but why is the sky that funny blue colour???) Mopa