Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Tricks of the Light

It's been quite a while I know. Summer's truly on us and the house is bulging at the seems for most of August. Lindsay's been in Brussels for 3 weeks and I've just been too busy to blog. I'll make up for it in the next few weeks as I've got a backlog of images that I want to post.

Here are two interesting ones - both are right-time-right-place shots. No particular story just a couple of things I noticed when I happened to have the camera handy.

This is our front door bell, bought for us by our friends Nick and Babeth and their daughters, Sophie and Emily. It saves our guests having to climb our spiral staircase when the want to find us and saves us the embarrassment of guests coming up to find us still asleep in bed! This shot was taken at lunch time (so yes, I was up by then!) when the sun was directly to the South - hence the perfectly square on shadow.

And this shot is taken in our apartment, the converted hayloft. In the apex of the western gable, we have a small round window. Every day, as the sun starts to descend, a perfect circle of light works its way across the opposite wall. Here it is at 6.30, hitting my collection of minitaure Penguin books released to celebrate Penguin's 60th birthday. All together a too good to miss all round orange moment - the book spines, the Antony Gormley poster and the setting sunlight.

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